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Tune in: Sunday 21st December, 2014 at 15:00 on StarHub 433

Ever wonder where the tiny marshmallows in your breakfast cereal come from? Have we got a show for you! Each week, Unwrapped uncovers behind-the-scenes details on fun classic American food, from peanut butter and chocolate syrup to chips and bubblegum. Join host Marc Summers as he explores the test kitchens and the secrets behind soda pop, cinema candy, and more.


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December 21, 15:00
December 22, 12:30
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December 23, 03:30
December 23, 12:30
December 23, 23:30
December 24, 03:30
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December 30, 12:30
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December 31, 03:30

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Marc Summers
Marc indulges in the sweeter things in life and unwraps food pop culture....Read More
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