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Tune in: Saturday 6th September, 2014 at 12:00 on StarHub 433

Get out your fighting tongs as it's time for Food Network Challenge! From small-town cook-offs to the World Pastry Team Championship, we'll take you to the biggest and best food battles around the world. Bragging rights and major cash prizes are on the line for the tallest pastry, the sweetest pie, the spiciest chilli and the most savory BBQ ribs.


Who doesn't love this magical citrus and cocoa combination?Chocolate orange cake »


Did you know Host Keegan is a dessert fanatic who compares sweets to jazz music? Learn more about Keegan »

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Keegan Gerhard
Keegan, a celebrated pastry chef, has created awe-inspiring desserts in high-end restaurants and pat...Read More


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