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In this brand new series, Andy Bates travels across America, visiting the USA's most vibrant food destinations. He explores the world of street food to find the stories behind the recipes.

Recipes from Andy Bates American Street Feasts

Sabich 10 mins Easy
Sockeye salmon with corn succotash 5 mins Easy
Moroccan lamb nicoise 20 mins Easy
Salted peanut caramel brownies 30 mins Easy
Philly cheese steak pasty 105 mins Difficult
Rhubarb meringue pie 55 mins Intermediate
Ultimate cheeseburger 55 mins Intermediate
Cheese and chilli pupusa 20 mins Intermediate
Flying pig donut 10 mins Easy
Deconstructed samosa 0 mins Easy

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Sorry, this show is not currently showing on Food Network.

About Andy Bates

Andy Bates
Andy utilises his background in French cookery to create new British fare at his London restaurant....Read More
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