Kids BBQ Championship

Kids BBQ Championship

Move over moms and dads, the barbecue now belongs to a new generation of creative and innovative grillers, and they're all under 13-years-old! Eight kids will enter the BBQ Ranch, and after six grueling weeks of competition, hosts Camila Alves and Eddie Jackson will crown the champion of barbecue and award a $20,000 cash prize.

Hosted By: Camila Alves

Born and raised in Brazil, Camila grew up in a family of farmers who help nurture her strong connection to the taste and aroma of food. She later moved to Los Angeles at 15 years-old to pursue a career in fashion. Her achievements to date includes modelling for high-end luxury brands and being the host of reality show, Shear Genius . Aside from that, Camila also owns a line of handbags, Muxo , and a baby food company, Yummy Spoonfuls . Camila has since made her mark as a lifestyle expert and shared her personal insights on Today,… more

Hosted By: Eddie Jackson

A former NFL player, Eddie retired at a young age of 28 after suffering from numerous sports injuries. While taking time off practice to spend time with his family and friends, Eddie developed a passion for food as he realised that food is the easiest way to bring everyone together. From there, he began exploring the world of culinary, whether it is family recipes passed down from his father and grandmother or coming up with recipes inspired from his travels, Eddie knows his way around food and perfects his skills through practice.… more