Ricotta dip for vegetables

Ricotta dip for vegetables

Ricotta dip for vegetables

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Prep: 3 mins
Cook: 2 mins
Serves: 4 (55g) servings
Difficulty: Easy

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Ricotta dip for vegetables

1) Put the garlic cloves in a microwave safe bowl and cover with clingfilm. Cook the garlic on high power in the microwave, until very soft, about 1 1/2 mins. (Alternatively steam the garlic until soft.) Let cool, and gently press the cooked garlic out of the skin onto a cutting board. Sprinkle with 1 tsp salt, and mince together with the parsley leaves to make a paste. Using a fork, blend the garlic-parsley paste with the ricotta, lemon zest, and olive oil. Season with pepper and serve with vegetable crudites such as broccoli, cauliflower, capsicums, and button mushrooms.

2) Keep in airtight container refrigerated for 2 days.

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