The Smollett Family
The Smollett Family

The Smollett siblings are actors and actresses produced and directed their own shows. Their most notable work together is On Our Own, a family series filmed in the 90s that featured all six siblings.

Named the family chef, Jake is a man of many interests. As a seasoned actor, he has appeared in several TV series, including The Middleman and Pitch This. His deep interest for cooking could be dated back to his pre-teen years, where he regularly cooks for his younger brother, Jocqui. Combing his mother’s traditional southern flavors with the inspirations acquired from extensive travelling, Jake serves up dishes that are unique. Jake started his personal food blog,, in 2013 as a creative outlet to share his passion for cooking and food obsession.

Jojo, the eldest sibling, has moved on from acting and producing, to focus on his family and children. However, his has been able to combine his passion for arts with his love and experience to his family as an Executive Producer of Smollett Eats.

Jazz is a mum, lifestyle blogger, freelance producer and writer. Having worked as an actor and model since young, Jazz developed an interest in entertainment and enrolled herself into the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, where she then swiftly moved to work behind the scenes as a producer after graduation. Like Jake, Jazz loves cooking and is a firm believer that food brings people and family together.

Jocqui, the youngest of the Smolletts, diverted from his sibling’s entertainment route and choose to work in a different industry all together. Armed with two bachelor degrees in Global Economics and Mathematics, Jocqui is currently working in the communications industry as a data analyst. Having studied in Spain and worked in China, Jocqui has acquired a worldly palate and will be adding on the international flair to the dishes cooked up on Smollett Eats.

Jurnee is an award winning actress who have starred in numerous TV series and movies, including Friday Night Lights, The Great Debators and Eve’s Bayou.

Jussie started acting at a very young age and made his debut in The Mighty Ducks at age 9. He has since grown up to be a successful singer, actor and photographer. His most recent and notable work eyes is his role in Empire. His contribution to the popular TV series’ sound tracks has contributed a career in the music industry after being signed to a label.

Together, the six siblings will prove that a family that cooks together stays together, and where there’s food, there’s love.