Alton Brown
Alton Brown

Alton Brown's flair in the kitchen developed early with guidance from his mother and grandmother. Switching gears as an adult, Alton spent a decade working as a cinematographer and video director, but realized he spent all his time between shoots watching cooking shows which he found to be dull and uninformative. Convinced that he could do better, Alton left the film business and moved to Vermont to train at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermount.

Upon graduation, Alton made use of all his learnings, both from the industry and cooking school, and created Good Eats, a smart and entertaining food show that blends wit with wisdom, history with pop culture and science with common cooking sense. Soon after Good Eats aired, he received a wave of supporters and fans. In 2007, Alton was awarded a Peabody Award, a distinguished prize presented for excellence in broadcast news, education and entertainment. Alton won his second award, James Beard award in 2011, for being an outstanding television host.

Building on his success as a cooking show host, Alton released several award winning cookbooks, including a 3-volume cookbook companion to Good Eats, all of which were listed in the New York best seller list, and I'm Just Here for the Food, which was awarded by James beard Foundation as the Best Cookbook in the reference category.

Alton currently lives in Georgia with his wife and daughter.

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