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Bal Arneson Bal Arneson grew up in a very small village in Punjab-India where at the age of seven she learned how to cook amazing healthy Indian meals using aromatic spices on a clay BBQ pit. When she was 20, Bal immigrated to Canada. Drawing on the culinary knowledge she gained in India, as well as her own natural talents, Bal would regularly cook up healthy, quick, and delicious dishes for family and friends. It was not long until Bal's community took notice of her incredible talent. Cookery shops and local television stations began asking her to share her tricks for making healthy Indian dishes. After giving numerous cooking classes, making several television appearances, and inspiring many newspaper features, Bal's recipes were in such demand that she decided to write a cookbook. Bal's philosophy is that no one should spend more than 25 minutes in the kitchen to make healthy wonderful Indian meals.

Recipes from Bal Arneson

Healthy roti 30 mins Intermediate
Lentil cookies 18 mins Easy
Mango lassi 0 mins Easy
Mango and baby tomato salad 0 mins Easy
Salmon with Coconut Sauce 30 mins Easy
Golden aubergine with green pea sauce 7 mins Easy
Vesan 25 mins Intermediate
Baked samosas with tamarind chutney 25 mins Intermediate
Gulab Jamun (Indian doughnuts) 25 mins Intermediate
Indian potato salad 20 mins Easy

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