11 Facts About Jeff Mauro

For Jeff Mauro, a sandwich is more than something eaten between two pieces of bread. It's a lifestyle. After competing and winning on season 7 of Next Food Network Star, Jeff was granted his very own Food Network programme. His hit show Sandwich King features a diverse array of recipes focusing on Jeff's number one culinary love. You can quickly see why he's fond of saying, "You can make any meal into a sandwich, and any sandwich into a meal."

Before joining Food Network, Jeff used to be an entertainer and comedian in Los Angeles. But the switch in careers hasn't changed his personality one bit - he's still just as funny and entertaining when cooking on Sandwich King. But there's a lot you don't know about Jeff - for example, he hates cottage cheese and curry. Learn more about Jeff below!


Jeff's Achilles' heel ingredient, the one ingredient he hates working with or encountering in a dish, is...cottage cheese. He's never even consumed it and would like to keep it that way.


The one dish you will never catch Jeff eating is...curry.


Jeff's most memorable meal was his 31st birthday with his wife Sarah at Alinea in Chicago. He describes the experience as "fourteen courses of pure magic" and "Food as theater at its best." The Wagyu course with the A.1. powder was one of the best things he's ever encountered.


Jeff's guilty pleasure food is kettle cooked BBQ crisps, which he usually crushes on any sandwich he's eating them with.


The one dish that Jeff always orders out or for takeaway instead of making at home is pizza. He's been known to do a 72-hour cold-rise dough and churn out a couple pizzas on a Sunday, but normally he leaves it to the plethora of pizza professionals in Chicago.


The kitchen tool that Jeff cannot live without is his flat-bottomed, square, heavy-duty griddle pan by Scanpan. It's super heavy, and makes pancakes, eggs and especially sandwiches easily flippable.


If Jeff was not working in food, he would like to have tried cage fighting as a career.


Jeff's favourite food city to visit is New York City.


Jeff's favourite late-night snack is his wife Sarah's homemade chocolate chip cookies served warm with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream...and maybe some hot fudge and crushed cashews.


The one must-have at Jeff's last supper would be Chicago-style thing crust with sausage and a side of pastrami on rye from Fumare Meats.


Jeff's cooking partner of choice is his son Lorenzo...but only when he's behaving and not just dumping out all the salt.

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